While discussing back pain, the first thing which we must focus on is – ask yourself “whether we get treated by our doctors to get rid of the pain or do we get treated for the cause which triggers the back pain”.

Most people with back pain have no idea that the real cause is the game of “tug-of-war” raging inside their bodies.

Because of the way most of us live and move through our day, we create what you might call “imbalances” in our muscles. In other words, we start to use certain muscles more than others.

Eventually, your “strong” muscles start tugging on your “weak” muscles and pulling unevenly on your joints, ligaments and tissues.

This “tug-of-war” creates small little injuries throughout the affected area. If nothing is done to resolve the imbalance, those small injuries become big injuries most of us are familiar with, like a herniated disk or sciatica.

And that’s when the real pain begins.

I know that you have already started thinking & most probably you have the answer too. You are right, since we often get treated only to get a temporary relief from the pain and the suffering returns once the medication is stopped, which concludes that we usually treat the pain & ignore the cause which results in back pain. Continuation of this procedure ultimately results in surgery, without an assurance of complete relief from back pain for the rest of our lives or an assurance that no possibilities of other side effects would occur.

Question is: How to get relief from back pain permanently. The answer is – diagnose and understand the cause which results in back pain and find resolution.

Answer is: Often – back pain is the subject matter of physics rather than medical science.
Why physics!! – Our backbone or the spinal cord is the main structure which includes muscle, bone, cartilage & fluids which helps us to stand straight or maintain balance of the body.

The heaviest part of our body is supposed to be our head. Now, ask yourself – what is the position of your head while you are in front of your notebook working – leaned front right? It results your muscles near to solder burn more energy & take extra pressure, often resulting to cervical back pain in the long run, once those muscles are worn out. Similarly, before delivery of a child, many women suffer from lumber back pain. Also, people doing laborious work physically might face thoracic , lumber or sacral spine pain.

With this program, you simply do the movements. That’s it. And in about 20 minutes, your session is done.

Trust me, you can get rid off back pain (weather chronic or recent) for ever. The way any machine needs maintenance… similarly our body needs maintenance or the opportunity to repair & heal itself.